188: Important Distinctions Between Scholarships and Financial Aid

28 Nov

Megan Dorsey, The College Prep Podcast, Scholarships, Financial Aid, Education, College, University,Families often mistake financial aid with scholarships, which can lead to confusion, disappointment, and wasted time as seniors choose their college and figure out how to pay for it.

In this episode Megan breaks down how to think about the different pathways to paying for college, so that families can plan accordingly. Specifically, she discusses:

  • what exactly financial aid is
  • why you should never lie about your assets to try to maneuver more financial aid
  • how to calculate the amount of money your family will be expected to pay for college
  • how to decide whether you should apply for financial aid in the first place
  • why you should apply for scholarships even if you only have an “average” student
  • where to start when looking for appropriate scholarships
  • and more