339: How to Build Strong Virtual Relationships with Professors

In this new age of virtual learning, how does a student build a strong enough relationship with a teacher in order to ask for a letter of recommendation?

Megan and Gretchen take on the following listener question:

One fear I have is that I’m applying to medical school next year and still need a science professor letter of recommendation. I was planning on asking my public health pathophysiology professor for a letter of recommendation after taking her class this semester, but now I’m worried that it will be hard to build a relationship with a professor through online-only classes. Do you have any advice around that? I was hoping that online office hours would be available and I could sign up for those every week to ask her questions about what we learn about in class and talk about my career goals. Also, I know ideally you should ask for letters of recommendation in-person but how would I do that online?

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