349: 5 Fears Students Have That Need to Be Acknowledged (From the Archives)

28 Dec

Sometimes adults forget that being a student is an emotionally taxing job, and students need reassurance! On today’s New Year’s episode we discuss the 5 ways that feelings get in the way of student success if they’re not acknowledged. Each … Read More »

348: Ways We Hope Schools Don’t “Go Back to Normal”

21 Dec

As we celebrate the holidays together, let’s envision what’s possible for schools and schooling! How can we use some of the changes forced by this global pandemic to create something beautiful and new, and not just “go back to normal”? … Read More »

347: Access Scholarships: How to Find, Apply, and Earn Scholarships with Ayden Berkey

14 Dec

Who doesn’t want to make college life easier and more affordable? Today Megan talks with Ayden Berkey of Accessscholarships.com a new site for students to find scholarships and resources that are: Personalized to your year, school, area of study, etc. … Read More »

346: The Right and Wrong Ways to Use Study Guides to Prep for Tests

7 Dec

In junior high and high school, teachers often hand out study guides to help students prepare for tests. However, there’s a wrong way and a right way to use them, if you care about optimal learning! Listen in for the … Read More »