375: Case Study – The Varied Backgrounds of Expert Academic Coaches

28 Jun

Expert academic coaches come in all shapes and sizes! Over the years training folks to start their businesses, Gretchen has encountered a surprising array of reasons that people shift their careers and become coaches. In this Summer Case Study episode, … Read More »

374: Disasters in Standardized Testing

21 Jun

What happens to students who don’t heed Megan’s warnings about how to approach their SAT’s, ACT’s and other standardized tests? In today’s shorter summer episode, Megan walks us through some disaster scenarios that actually happened to some of her student … Read More »

373: Confused About College Jargon? Here are Definitions.

14 Jun

Are you confused about all the collegiate jargon? Maybe you are an international student or a parent who hasn’t been in school for many years. Maybe you are trying to navigate all the terms and graduation requirements for your new … Read More »

372: 10 Things Schools Get Wrong About Student Learning & Wellbeing

7 Jun

Have you ever thought about why schools are structured the way they are, from grades to homework and more? Researchers and authors Jared Cooney Horvath and David Bott chat with Megan and Gretchen about their latest book 10 Things Schools … Read More »