423: An Often Overlooked Way to Evaluate Colleges – Career Services (From the Archives)

30 May

The whole point of going to college is to get a job, right?! Yet families often forget to evaluate their prospective college’s career services. Join podcast parent Lydia Schulz as she details everything she learned about how colleges help students … Read More »

422:Don’t Miss These Key Student Action Items in June and July

23 May

What can families and educators be considering as we slide into June and July? Megan and Gretchen share a short checklist of important tasks to consider this summer related to college admissions and academic skill development. Specifically they discuss: what … Read More »

421: SAT or ACT – Which Test is Better?

16 May

The question Megan is asked th most is, “what’s the different between the ACT and SAT, and which one should I take?” Megan answers this question, walking listeners through the following: What colleges want in regards to standardized testing What’s … Read More »

420: A 16-Year-Old’s Takeaways from a Semester of Coaching (From the Archives)

9 May

How much can a student’s behavior truly change after a semester of coaching? In today’s episode, Gretchen walks us through a sixteen year old’s reflections about how he has grown as a result of academic coaching. The following eight ideas … Read More »

419: Key Issues in College Athletic Recruiting with David Robinson

2 May

Megan talks with Coach Rob– David Robinson from Scholar Champion Athlete Recruiting– as he outlines some key issues to understand college athletic recruiting process. Listen as they discuss: How coaches view the process How what you see on tv represents … Read More »