421: SAT or ACT – Which Test is Better?

16 May

The question Megan is asked th most is, “what’s the different between the ACT and SAT, and which one should I take?” Megan answers this question, walking listeners through the following: What colleges want in regards to standardized testing What’s … Read More »

420: A 16-Year-Old’s Takeaways from a Semester of Coaching (From the Archives)

9 May

How much can a student’s behavior truly change after a semester of coaching? In today’s episode, Gretchen walks us through a sixteen year old’s reflections about how he has grown as a result of academic coaching. The following eight ideas … Read More »

419: Key Issues in College Athletic Recruiting with David Robinson

2 May

Megan talks with Coach Rob– David Robinson from Scholar Champion Athlete Recruiting– as he outlines some key issues to understand college athletic recruiting process. Listen as they discuss: How coaches view the process How what you see on tv represents … Read More »

418: Finals and Deadlines and Due Dates, Oh My!

25 Apr

It’s May! For many, this is the last month of the school year, and it’s a doozy. So much is wrapping up, on both the academic and extracurricular fronts, and everyone is tired and barely hanging on. In today’s episode, … Read More »

417: Got Into College? Now Get Ready to go.

18 Apr

Congratulations! You have been admitted to college and are starting to make plans to attend in the fall. What are some of the things you should do between now and then to make your transition to college a smooth one? … Read More »

416: Let’s Take Teacher (and Student!) Burnout Seriously with Kendrea Hart

11 Apr

What is a school psychologist in a public school in Los Angeles seeing in regards to teacher and student burnout? Guest expert Kendrea Hart and Gretchen Wegner speak openly and vulnerably about teacher and student burnout including: what Kendrea’s seeing … Read More »

415: April: The Last Month of “Normal”

4 Apr

The end of the school year presents challenges: exams, prom, award ceremonies, and all the unique challenges that come with it. That means April is really our last month of normal– the last month for students to dig into their … Read More »

414: New Ideas for Putting Together Your College List (Beyond the Standard Advice)

28 Mar

You’ve probably heard you should balance your college list with sure thing, competitive, and reach schools. Throw in financial safety and maybe some scholarship options. This is all good advice. But it feels a little dry. Are there some ideas … Read More »

413: Colleges are Marketing to You

21 Mar

If you have a high school junior or senior, you’ve probably seen the college admissions marketing machine in action. Colleges are spending about $1 million dollars each year to attract new students and there are some things you need to … Read More »

412: Help Teens Transition to College with These Surprising Experiences

14 Mar

Preparing for college is not just about academics! Megan and Gretchen discuss a host of easy-to-create, growth-filled experiences that help students gain the skills necessary for independent living on a college campus. For example: social skills and how to meet … Read More »