508: What’s on Our College Spreadsheets?

15 Jan

A parent writes in and feels overwhelmed with the amount of information coming in about colleges during the application process. How do Megan and Erin keep it all organized? Is there a “best way” to make sure deadlines are compiled … Read More »

506: All About Financial Aid 2023-24

1 Jan

A parent has a number of questions about financial aid–and Erin and Megan have answers! Everything from the timeline, to how to choose which school based on their offer, this episode is a great overview of the financial aid process.

505: Normalizing Rejection

25 Dec

Megan shares advice from a colleague who tells students, “If you get into all the schools on your college list, you may have avoided challenge.” Rejection is normal and natural but students have a hard time with it. How do … Read More »

502: More Than a Gift Idea: GAMES!

4 Dec

Erin uses games and gamification in her work all the time and she is going to share why games are so great for the brain. We’ll break down different types of games and how games can help with Executive Functioning. … Read More »

501: Quantify It: Strategy for College Admission

27 Nov

How can you add value to your college application? It feels like everyone is starting a non-profit–it’s the new “it” item for college admissions–but is it? Megan shares her experience with creating an application that is more informative, useful, and … Read More »