502: More Than a Gift Idea: GAMES!

4 Dec

Erin uses games and gamification in her work all the time and she is going to share why games are so great for the brain. We’ll break down different types of games and how games can help with Executive Functioning. … Read More »

501: Quantify It: Strategy for College Admission

27 Nov

How can you add value to your college application? It feels like everyone is starting a non-profit–it’s the new “it” item for college admissions–but is it? Megan shares her experience with creating an application that is more informative, useful, and … Read More »

496: This Year’s Unique FAFSA

23 Oct

Changes are coming to the FAFSA! What is the FAFSA? We’ll tell you and we’ll go over all the new changes from requirements to deadlines. This is a quick overview of what to expect with the 2023 FAFSA.

495: Stats Versus Calc: A Showdown

16 Oct

A parent asks – which should my student take? AP Calculus or AP Statistics? What do colleges like to see? Will my math choice be the deciding factor even if I am not a math major? How are the math … Read More »

494: How to Do College Visits The Right Way

9 Oct

It’s time to visit colleges! What should you do? How will you remember one college from the next? How do you use the visit to tailor your application? And Erin provides her list of questions for ask current students. Happy … Read More »