284: How a Student with F’s and ADHD Got into Her Dream University

Gretchen’s former client Tatiana had a bumpy transition from her last two years of high school into college. She quickly dropped out of a college that she wasn’t very excited to attend, that that started a long but fruitful journey into ADHD diagnosis, community college… and yes! Into her dream school!!

Tune into this heartfelt discussion with Tatiana as she reveals:

  • Why she originally started working with Gretchen as her academic coach
  • What blinders she had on as a high school student applying to college
  • How she discovered she had ADHD, and how that diagnosis changed her life
  • Exactly how she navigated community college, and made the most of her education there
  • How her perseverance ultimately got her into her dream school.

There’s a lot of wisdom and hope in this episode, so please tune in to hear this 21 year old reflect about her journey from despair to elation…and a great education (hey! that rhymes!!).