285: Tips for Parents About How to (Not) Check Your Student’s Grades

7 Oct

One of the hardest new habits for parents of middle and high schoolers to learn is how to talk to their students about grades.

Last year in May 2019 Gretchen had an indepth email conversation with the parent of one of her 8th grade executive-function challenged clients.

Tune in as Gretchen (who has a LOT of compassion for how hard parenting is) reads parts of this communication out loud. She and her co-host Megan discuss:

  • when to check your student’s grades online, and when NOT to
  • when and how to approach your student about missing work and low grades
  • how to become more of a coach than a vigilante
  • questions you can ask to support a growth mindset, rather than than shaming and blaming your student
  • the importance of maintaining your own calm AT ALL COSTS so that you can support your own, and your student’s, executive functions,
  • and more!