020: Our Official Holiday Gift Giving Guide

8 Dec

Screen Shot 2014-11-14 at 6.12.41 PMWondering what to get your college bound student for the holidays? Here’s our extensive list of student-friendly gifts.

We’re including the links to all of them here, but don’t miss out on all the hilarious commentary. Megan and Gretchen clearly had “fun” recording this episode.

  1. The Smart Pen
  2. The Arc System
  3. The Passion Planner
  4. Fidget Toys
  5. Visual Timer
  6. An Office Supply Set
  7. The Easy Button
  8. Suitcases
  9. Test Prep Courses
  10. Awesome Summer Experience
  11. Rosetta Stone
  12. Kindle
  13. SAT and ACT books.
  14. Audible.com membership