022: Q&A about SAT & ACT Accommodations , College App Deadlines, Unmotivated 8th Graders, and more

22 Dec

college deadlines, unmotivated middle school students & ACT and SAT accommodationsWe love questions from our listeners. Here are the questions we tackle on today’s episode:

SAT and ACT Accommodations: How can my daughter get extended time or other accommodations on the SAT or ACT? She has these in place at school, but we know she won’t do well on these tests if she doesn’t have some extra time.

Interpreting Deadlines for College Applications. Megan, Oh my goodness! Our family is struggling to understand how to apply and submit information. I know there are certain schools that have early deadlines. What does that mean exactly? After that deadline, no more applications are excepted at all that year? Scenario: Texas A&M has a deadline of Dec1st. We don’t know what Ty’s latest SAT scores from the December test will be. We sent the application anyway, but didn’t understand if Dec 1st is absolute drop dead or is Dec 1st the deadline for early descision? So, it would be better if we waited and applied later for better test scores? In other words, can we apply after Dec 1st?

Unmotivated 8th Grader. We have a middle school student with newly diagnosed learning disabilities who does not seem motivated to follow through on the tips and tricks introduced to her by teachers and in coaching sessions. How do we get her to be more motivated?

How to Deal with Last Semester’s Grades. How should a student deal with the results of a previous semester? Should he go back on the tests to see if the grades were correctly computed, or should he focus on the current semester?