030: How to Select the Right High School Courses (& Avoid Pitfalls)

16 Feb

How to select the right high school coursesIt’s course selection time at high schools across the country! If you’re the parent of a rising freshman, this podcast is a must-listen, as we walk you through the ins and outs of how to choose courses in high school that prepare your student for college.

First, it’s important to make a 4-year plan right from the start and get to know the college requirements for a variety of schools your student might be applying to (for example, if you live in California and think you might like to go to a UC school, getting to know the A-G requirements is a must).

Next, understand these four areas that impact course decision making:

  • Get the minimum graduation requirements from your high school
  • Ideally, a college bound student has four years of all their core academic subjects, including a language other than English.
  • Get to know your school’s policies about higher level courses, and understand the differences between regular, honors, Pre-AP, AP and IB.
  • Choose electives that help develop a students interests and strengths.

Some common mistakes people make in course selection include:

  • Choosing the “easy” courses.
  • Thinking that it’s enough to meet the minimum requirements.
  • Overloading themselves with too many hard courses.
  • Allowing too many off periods.
  • Not being thoughtful and having a plan.

For┬ámore information about course selection, listen to the entire podcast and then visit Megan’s website at www.collegeprepresults.com.