080: The Right & Wrong Ways to Study with Flashcards

2 Nov

The Right and Wrong Ways to Study with FlaschardsAre you sick of flashcards? Or do you recognize they’re an effective study strategy, but wish they could be more fun?

In Gretchen’s academic life coaching practice, she notices that many students mindlessly use flashcards to memorize information. This makes studying take longer than it needs to, and it also results in less effective learning.

In this interactive podcast, Gretchen walks listeners step by step through her favorite technique for using flashcards to turn your brain ALL the way on…and remember what you’re learning forever. Come with a few blank index cards (or a torn sheet of paper) and follow along as she leads Megan through this fun activity. You’ll discover:

  • the less effective ways students use flashcards
  • how to use categories and grouping to turn your brain to “on” while you learn
  • how to infuse silliness while still learning effectively, and
  • ways to invite family and friend to play with flashcards, in order to make info stick longer

If you’d like more practice with this creative technique, or want to learn 10+ additional techniques for taking the boredom out of studying, check out theĀ Anti-Boring Approach to Powerful Studying.