128: How to Help Teens Get Control of Their Schedules

3 Oct

How to Help Teens Get Control of Their SchedulesManaging time is hard for anyone in this modern world, and teenagers struggle more because their brains are still developing.

Gretchen shares one time management trick that she does with all her clients, and it really helps them see time in a new way.

Tune in today as Gretchen and Megan discuss:

  • The difficulty of the transition from a summer schedule to a school schedule,
  • The importance of “making time visible” for teens,
  • A specific way that Gretchen makes time visible for her teen clients,
  • How to use a variety of systems to help get control of your schedule, so that you’re not dependent on one way.

As promised in this episode, here is the screen shot of her work with the client who is described in this episode:

Sample Calendar for One of Gretchen's Clients