293: 7 Types of Students and Their Study Blindspots (Reprise)

2 Dec

There are 7 different types of students, in Gretchen’s experience, who have 7 different approaches to school and studying.

As final exams approach, it’s a great opportunity to explore each type of student’s weaknesses in regards to studying, and what students, parents, and coaches can do to turn those blind spots around.

Listen in to this as Gretchen goes into much more detail about these 7 types of students:

  • The Stressed Out Perfectionist
  • The Fade Away Student
  • The Brilliant-But-Bored Student
  • The Meh Student
  • The Disorganized Student
  • The Artist
  • The Athlete
  • BONUS (at Megan’s Suggestion): The Over-Scheduled Student

This episode is from our archives, and first ran as episode 192 on December 25, 2017.