295: Junior Year Status Check – Are You on Track with Essential College Tasks?

16 Dec

Junior year is supposed to be “the most important year” of high school! Megan breaks down why that is, and gives you a 5-part checklist for how to tell if you’re on track with making the most of the year.

Specifically, she shares:

  1. Why junior year grades are the first thing colleges see when they review your application, and how to decide if your grade trends are moving in the right direction
  2. How to tell whether you’re on track with the SAT/ACT, and what the remaining testing dates are to consider, if you’re behind
  3. How to ensure that the activities you choose to do over the summer are aligned with what students hope to study in college (including the wonderful empower question: “What are you interested in studying? How would I know that if I looked over how you spent your time?”
  4. Where you should be with your college list at this point in the year, and why it’s important to plan 3 college visits before the year is over
  5. How to identify your family’s deal breakers for the college planning process