319: Semester, Trimester, Quarter, or Block Schedules– Which is Best?

1 Jun

Which college schedule is best for a student with ADHD – semesters or quarters?

Recently one of Gretchen’s Anti-Boring Approach Licensed Coaches sent an email asking just that, and Megan & Gretchen chatted about it on this episode of the podcast.

Here’s the exact question:

I have a parent asking me for my opinion on her son choosing between 2 colleges right now.  One is on semester, one is a quarter system school.  This young man has ADD.  He hasn’t been great using all the new tools I’ve taught him but is very bright. 

Quarter system would mean less classes at a time but quicker.  Many say they are consistently having exams during the 11 week quarter. 

Thoughts?  I was kind of thinking that a quarter system has quite a few positive.   You hate a class, it only last 11 weeks.  You could possibly get more feedback since you have tests more often.   Negatives is there is no time to recover and if you get behind you are screwed. 

I haven’t coached a student on a quarter system….let me know your thoughts. 

Tune in to Megan and Gretchen’s wide ranging chat about how to thinking through which schedule is best for what kinds of students.