476: College Applications Series: Personal & Demographic Information

5 Jun

Megan & Erin are featuring shorter episodes for the summer. This summer Megan is working on a series featuring all parts of a typical college application. Today’s episode kicks off with personal and demographic information.

For most applicants, this will be easy and straightforward information, but some students may face dilemmas. Megan walks us through the beginning of the Common App (and you can download a copy below) and goes through some of the questions students ask: https://membersupport.commonapp.org/membersupport/s/article/Are-paper-PDF-versions-of-the-application-and-or-recommender-forms-available

Questions typical in this section as for

  • Permanent address
  • Gender & pronouns
  • Citizenship status
  • Military service
  • Cultural / ethnic identity
  • Extra questions to establish residency for in-state tuition