066: How to Deal with Academic Overwhelm

27 Jul

How to Deal with Academic OverwhelmToo much learning, not enough time!

Overwhelm is a common experience for students in school, and to some degree, it is part of the process of learning. We can’t always control whether or not we get overwhelmed in the first place, but we can control how we respond to it.

Tune in as Megan and Gretchen discuss the following tips, which can be summarized in these pithy phrases:

  1. The Tired/Hungry/Thirsty Solution
  2. The Pause Button
  3. Admit It’s Hard
  4. Adjust expectations
  5. Imperfect Action
  6. Get Out of the Future
  7. Break It Down
  8. When In Doubt, Reach Out

Also, the brain science video that Gretchen recommended is right here. Plus, you might want to try some of the activities that Bara Sapir leads in this video; they’re GREAT for managing anxiety and overwhelm.