092: 8 Actions To Take At the Start of the Semester

25 Jan

8 Actions to Take At the Beginning of the SemesterIt’s the start of a new semester for most students!

Here are some straightforward actions to take to make sure that you’re set up to rock the semester, and stay on pace with college applications — no matter what grade you’re in.

Gretchen and Megan take turns offering their favorite tips, which include:

  1. Update college-bound resume
  2. Clean out binders
  3. Review grades and set new goals
  4. Collect new tools to help you improve the bad habits you got into last semester
  5. Assess where you are with college planning, and what the necessary next steps are
  6. Map out your assignments and schedule for the entire semester
  7. Double check late work policies for all new teachers
  8. Talk to teachers. If you are in a new class, introduce yourself, and if you are a returning student, get tips about how to improve.