093: How to Successfully Start “The College Talk”

1 Feb

How to Talk to Reluctant Students About CollegeHow should parents roll out the idea of college to students who are reluctant to engage in the conversation or are stressed out by the idea?

Recently, Megan and Gretchen received this question from a parent named Dale:

I started talking to my daughter about college as a freshman, took her on 2 college visits her 10th grade year, and went to 1 college visit this year. Beginning this year, I think I have might have overdone it with talking college with her, as she gives me the cold shoulder.┬áPart of me says I have to let her figure it out, and maybe fail at a deadline. I have told my wife, she will have to do the college talking, as I’m out.”

In Megan’s answer, she walks Dale (and all parents) through the following three stages of talking to reluctant students about college:

  1. How to start the conversation about college
  2. How to motivate students who might appear reluctant
  3. How to guide their actions