110: Get Your Degree from a University in England

30 May

Get Your Degree from a University in EnglandDid you know that a college degree from England may be cheaper than one from the United States?

Megan recently went to an information session where she met representatives from 5 universities in England, and she shares with us some fascinating facts that reveal why you might want to consider college abroad.

Listen in to find out more about:

  • how English Universities set you up to graduate in 3 years,
  • why transparent entry requirements create a lot of relief for families,
  • the type of students who will (and won’t) benefit from the English university system
  • how English Universities can boast 80% completion rates (hint: they have improved student support services!),
  • how to apply to these schools,
  • why you might save more money studying abroad, and
  • 5 schools you might want to consider.