111: Q&A – The SAT/ACT, Financial Aid, and Vigilant Parenting

6 Jun

Studying for the ACT/SAT, Financial Aid, and Vigilant ParentingIt’s time for another Q&A show! Today we tackle these questions from our listeners:

SAT Practice Tests. Do you know if they have more than 4 practice SAT tests? We have done all the ones on Ivy Global site and the College Board ones are the same as the Ivy Global ones. Any help would be appreciated. Lori

Vigilant Parenting. Do you have any specific, practical tips for parents who want to gradually moving from near-constant vigilance to “you’re on your own”? Just as an example, would you recommend periodic check-ins, with the time between them gradually increasing, or do you have any other methods or tools to recommend?

Financial Aid. I had heard that when applying to college not to say that you need financial aid, but when you get accepted, then go ahead and fill out financial aid information.  Is this correct?  My daughter will be working on her application this summer for early decision.  I don’t know what the application or common application looks like yet.  Will stating we are looking for scholarship money decrease our chances of getting in?

SAT/ACT Prep. What can my son do to prepare for the SAT or ACT. Some Background: Math has been a tough subject forever and he hasn’t had the best teachers in high school. We have tried several tutors and he is working with someone currently who is great and I am amazed at how the frustration level has dropped and the grades are coming up.  He also needs a lot of work on writing, in my opinion.  We aren’t sure what do do. Do we need to start test prep now? How can we find good tutors? Please help.