112: 10 Simple Skills to Grow Over the Summer

13 Jun

10 Simple Skills to Grow Over the SummerWe have noticed all kinds of simple and surprising skills that students don’t know how to do! But they NEED these skills in order to function independently in college and through life, so we list them here.

Have fun building these skills this summer (and tune in to hear Megan and Gretchen’s discussion and stories about each of them):

  1. Type faster with fewer errors
  2. Manage money
  3. Make phone calls that intimidate you (but do it anyway)
  4. Persevere in the face to bureaucracy
  5. Get help from a research librarian
  6. Format a Word Document and Excel Spreadsheet
  7. Manage email so that you get to inbox zero frequently
  8. Connect your smartphone calendar to your desktop calendar
  9. Write email subjects and document titles that are specific and helpful
  10. Clean up computer files and create a folder system