314: A Fascinating (and Free!) Career Exploration Tool for Teens

27 Apr

Introducing the ASVAB, a completely free tool to help students discover their career aptitudes!

Guest expert Kate McLean breaks down why this is such a useful tool, and how families might get access to it.

Specifically, she discusses:

  • What the ASVAB is, and the benefits of participating
  • Practical details, like when, where and how to take it
  • How (not) to prepare for the test
  • Why it’s so useful for students, even if they never want a career in the military
  • and more!

Kate McLean has worked with the ASVAB Career Exploration Program for 10 years. She currently serves as the communications director for the program managing marketing efforts for the program online, in print, and in person. She is a contributing member of the team responsible for revolutionizing the ASVAB CEP over the last five years. Kate is passionate about empowering young people to maximize their full potential. She has extensive experience in the marketing industry and completed her Master’s in Public Relations at George Washington University.