095: A Creative Option for Struggling Writers

15 Feb

A Creative Option for Struggling WritersDo you ever stare at the blank page for hours, wishing that essay would write itself?

Many students struggle with writing, and recently Gretchen has coached a couple of desperate students who are tired of agonizing over their writing, but do not know what to do instead.

During this episode, Megan and Gretchen discuss a creative option for getting words onto the page. They cover:

  • the myth that there is only one acceptable way to write
  • the difference between “writing with your fingers” and “writing with your voice”
  • a couple different technologies that work well for dictation, and
  • 5 tips to dictating your ideas so that you make the writing process easier, not harder

This episode is especially relevant for students with learning differences that impact their ability to write, as well as for any student who has a massive case of writer’s block.