312: Tailor Your College Application to Improve Your Admission Chances

13 Apr

Admission to state universities can be very competitive. Your chances of admission increase significantly when you tailor your college application to the specific focus on each school on your list. Listen in a Megan visits with Wei-Li Sun an expert in the University of California System.

Find out the types of issues that can make (or break) your applications. 

  • Know the profile and type of student your school wants.
  • Get to the point in your application– give the college what they want to know.
  • Focus on rigorous courses and good grades (grades 9-12).
  • Make sure your application offers the evidence for how you will succeed academically in college.
  • Don’t get swept up in rumors or attempts to game the system– these strategies don’t work and can actually backfire.
  • Just as you would stage your home if you were trying to sell it, you need to “stage” your application by focusing on presentation (of key factors.)

You can find Wei-Li Sun at AskMsSun.com