335: One Black Student’s Advice for White Academic Coaches

21 Sep

What does one black student wish white academic coaches would know about how to better support him about race?

Recently Gretchen sat down with a former client to have a straightforward conversation about race.

In this excerpt from the longer conversation, listen in as they discuss:

  • Their coaching relationship
  • A time when Gabriel had a really hard race-related situation with a teacher,
  • How Gretchen supported him through that situation, and Gabriel’s thoughts about that

If you’d like to access the full hour-long recording (where we hear more details about a few racist situations he encountered in all-white neighborhoods, Gretchen’s confession of a time she thinks she committed a microaggression in a session with him, and more), please join the Educators’ Club for one month! If you use the code code COLLEGEPREPPODCAST, it will get you into the club for a one time fee of $35, and you’ll actually have access to 3-months worth of content in the club. You can cancel your subscription at any time!